If you want to take pictures of your next scuba diving adventure you’re going to have to get yourself an underwater digital camera.  There are a couple of different choices you have for getting a good camera, but bear in mind that an underwater camera is going to cost you more than the standard DSLR camera.  Not only are you paying for it to be water resistant but there will be extra features and accessories that will go with it.

Underwater Cameras

Before you head to your local camera store or online to start comparing models, know that you can often buy the cameras direct from the manufacturer and often find a better price.  Underwater cameras are like anything else you need to compare features and prices before you whip out the credit card.  If you only scuba dive rarely or there is a special dive you want to photograph you don’t necessarily have to buy a camera, often you can rent one for the duration of your vacation.  Check with your diving school or the charter they will probably know where you can get one.

Special Features

Underwater cameras have special features that allow for you to take those incredible underwater shots.   The first and most important feature is the special housing that allows you to take pictures while you are underwater.  The second thing that these cameras have are special lenses that allow them to work underwater.  These lenses are fog resistant so you can get clear pictures.  Some underwater camera models come with oversized handles making it easier to grip the camera while underwater or while wearing diving gloves.


Like any other digital cameras underwater cameras also store pictures digitally so you need to make sure that you have a big enough memory card.  Digital photos have gotten better over the years but they do take quite a bit of memory space.  You can transfer the files onto your laptop later on and clean off the memory card at the end of the day.  Underwater pictures aren’t like taking a selfie, it’s not something that you can do whenever you feel like it so make sure you have enough memory to get through the dive.

Scuba diving and looking at all the plant and animal life is an incredible experience and if you want to capture those memories to treasure for ever then you need to pick the right camera to do it.

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